Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Thanksgiving Blog…

Ok, so I figured that since everyone else is doing blogs about what they’re thankful for this time of year, I should do something different! So instead of writing about all the stuff I’m thankful for, I’m going to write about what I’m NOT thankful for. Fun, huh?? :)

1. The fact that eating unhealthy foods is directly related to getting fat. This is just a bummer. I mean, why can’t we eat anything we want and in whatever quantities we want? And also, maybe not ever even have to work out? I would enjoy my life more if I could eat like Oprah (when her weight is up), and have a body like Jennifer Aniston. That’s just a fact.

2. The sucking economy. But honestly, this hasn’t really affected me adversely yet, and I’m hoping it doesn’t. I mean, I got my dream job, and best of all (well maybe not BEST of all, but pretty dang close), EVERYTHING is on sale! I’ve found awesome deals at Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Limited and Express—just to name a few. I think I may just stimulate the economy back to goodness myself.

3. Spandex leggings making a comeback. This tops my list this year of things I loathe. I mean, seriously people. WHY?? There were some things about the 80’s that were awesome: Dirty Dancing, Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away, and the fact that I was born. Obviously. But when it comes to fashion, the 80’s BLEW. Everyone knows this. Poofy bangs, side ponytails, nasty workout leotards, parachute pants—it’s all bad. So why in the name of all that’s sacred, would we bring back one of the worst offenders? Yesterday, Lauren and I were out shopping, and we were accosted by the sight of multiple girls our age wearing skin-tight spandex leggings, and some of them completed the ensemble with tall hooker-boots too. Ick! If you’re reading this blog, and you have worn, bought, or even THOUGHT about wearing leggings, STOP NOW. Trust me on this one. It doesn’t look good on anyone who doesn’t spend at least 25 hours a day at the gym.

4. That Ohio is SO FAR away. Maybe it could just switch places with South Carolina for a little while. I don’t really think that’s asking too much…

All right. Well, that’s all I could think of that I’m not thankful for this year. I’m not much of an ingrate, what can I say?? For more about what I AM thankful for, see previous blog. :)


Melanie L said...

Other things on the "not thankful" list:

1. Guinness beer

2. P.S. I Love You the movie

3. wind

4. celery

5. bad pedicure

Anonymous said...

I like the new color layout. But not the music, gol. Did I mention how ridiculously good looking you are?