Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's Almost Two O'Clock In The Morning...

And you ask, what better could I be doing right now than writing ablog?? NOTHING! That's why I'm blogging, people. Stay with me here.

Simple disclaimer: It is nearly 2:00 in the a.m., I've had a long, tiring, exciting, crazy week, and I'm tired. My thoughts may not be 100% cohesive (maybe not even 46%) at this point. So bear with me. Or don't. Either way, I write on.

I think right now I'm just going to write about whatever random thoughts come into my head.

1. I haven't had fajitas since I moved to North Carolina. Weird, because I was on a SERIOUS fajita "thing" for quite some time, as all of you who ate out with me could attest to. I kinda miss fajitas. Maybe I'll see if I can make some. I've never actually tried to make homemade fajitas, but it's sounding like a great idea right about now.

2. I went on my first post-Seth date. This may not be the most blog-appropriate subject matter, but it is my blog after all, so I guess that's for me to decide. I thought it would be weird/hard, since my last first date was over 2.5 years ago and with someone I grew to love. But over all, my date with, shall we call him boR, was a positive experience. Will it turn into anything more with him? That's a negatory, Ghostrider. Ready for an insta-relationship is the vibe I got, not to mention WAY forward for someone I just met. He was navy (not the color). Or was he a marine?? Same difference, right Mel and Jenna? ;) Either way, I enjoyed the date, and then deliberated for a few days about what I should do, and then decided that I didn't really want it to go anywhere. But I digress. My basic point is that I went on a date, it wasn't that bad, and now I have the confidence that I CAN do this again. Not that I was all that worried, but you always wonder if the dating thing has changed when you're out of it for as long as I was. It hasn't.

3. North Carolina in the fall = WOW. My drive home from work everyday is like driving through a picture. I can't even describe all the colors. I should get a picture before all the leaves are gone. I pass this lake on my way home and it's incredible...

4. I don't know what my favorite color is. Isn't that weird?! I mean, I have so many favorite colors, for different things (clothes, the sky, the ocean, paint on a wall) that I couldn't ever pick just one. Someone at work asked me yesterday what my fave color is, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown. Not really even close, but I did freak out a little. In a quest to be completely honest with myself and others, I really wanted to put thought into it before I answered the question. I finally decided on blue. In case you were wondering.

5. I am going to Virginia Beach again next weekend, and I can hardly wait. YAY! More girl time with Jenna, which is bound to be fun, encouraging, and who knows what else. Always an adventure. :) Oh yeah, and I'll have just gotten my first pay check from the aforementioned new job. It'll be the largest quantity I'll have ever received in on check before, and I'm thrilled. I've already done my budget for the next 6 months (pat on the back for me!), and can't wait to use some of my spending money in Va Beach.

6. I reconnected with someone today/tonight after almost five or six years of losing touch. This is why I'm still wide awake. It's so incredible if you think about it, how much we change and grow as people, Christians, citizens, friends, whatever it is that we are in our lives, in such a short amount of time. I never want to look back on my life and have ANY regrets about people I've let slip away, or a relationship that I whish I'd nurtured but gave up on for whatever reason. So far, I have very few of those regrets, and now, one less because of a really, really nice conversation tonight. It feels good. I'm grateful for second chances, whatever that may look like.

7. Sometimes, when I put on my makeup, I think to myself, "I'm really just like an artist, if you think about it. My face is the canvas, my makeup products are my paint, and my little applicators are my brushes. Maybe if I take a picture of me when I'm done, I could sell it for some money. Or at least someone could after I die and maybe make a lot. Then people will say, 'Wow. That Carly Razo's talent was tragically unnoticed while she lived. But we sure are thankful for her contributions to the world of face art.'"

And with that, dear readers, I'll close. Maybe I've written myself to sleep (and you too? SAY NO! ;)

OH! I forgot one other thing: Belle is really getting better at running. I mean, it's not that she's some kind of disabled dog or anything and CAN'T run. It's more like she's lazy. But we've gradually worked up our distance, speed, etc, and she's doing great. I've never seen a dog with such unadulterated joy as Belle has when we start our runs. I hope I can get someone to capture it on film, because everyone should see it (I'm totally NOT biased about her being the cutest dog to ever live, btw). Not too many things can make me smile like her face--her whole countenance--when we're running together.



Terri said...

HA! This post was so funny :) You should write all your posts at 2AM. I'm excited to hear more about your job. Congrats! I know you'll do great :)

Melanie L said...

Great blog, Carly! :)

All I can do right now is wink at you. And grin like and idiot. hehehehehehehe