Monday, September 22, 2008

Since I've Been In North Carolina...

Time for a new blog again! Things are going really well here in North Carolina--I'm happier than I could've imagined, and SO thankful for it! I thought I'd fill ya'll (JUST KIDDING. I will not start using that "word". Ever.) in on what I've been up to. And what better way to do that than a list of all the things I'm re-introducing myself to since being "home" again?? You know how I love lists...

1. The freestanding ice cream store.
To be honest, I'm not sure how I survived in Colorado without this. In small town Ohio, there were a few of these little pieces of heaven. In Colorado there were NONE. North Carolina has one called Brusters, and when you walk up to the window to order your flavor, it's like you've stepped back in time. It's so quaint. Not to mention delish. I limit myself to going once every other week, but I'd seriously live there if I weren't losing some pounds right now.

2. Running with Belle.
This has proven to be a little bit more difficult than I'd planned, as my dog is lazier than she was when I left for Colorado 3 1/2 years ago. Apparently running isn't one of her favorite activities, which could be why she's a little chub. But it's ok, because we're working on our endurance together. Here's a gross little aside too. I've learned that I really need to take her out to "do her business" before said run, otherwise it can be embarrassing. The other night we were running down the street, both in our own little worlds. Then I look over at my sweet, lady-like Belle, only to find that she's taking a poo, right in the middle of the street, AS WE'RE MOVING! Didn't even miss a beat. This is when I quickly mask my horrified look with an ignorant smile and keep running like I have no idea what just transpired. (I go back later and pick it up, people!)

3. Making new friends.
This is the worst part of moving away. I hated saying goodbye to my friends, as I've never been blessed with a better group of girls. I was pretty nervous when I moved here that I might not make new friends so easily. And while I'll never replace the girls I left in CO, I have started to make some really promising new friends (girls AND boys!) here. And one of the girls lives in my neighborhood, so we walk/run our dogs together most nights now.

Also, there are some people I won't be spending a lot of time with. There are some red necks down here, you guys! I mean, seriously, it's hilarious slash not really that funny. I was talking to this lady at work the other day, and she was telling me that she recently lost over 100 pounds. Obviously I was impressed, so I asked her how she did it. And in her smoker's voice and thick NC drawl, she goes: "Well, I tried Atkins for awhile, and that didn't work too well...then I tried bulimia, but that wasn't good for my brain. Or my teeth, come to think of it." I'm NOT even joking right now. And neither was she! (Ok, maybe you had to be there. But that took me awhile to type, so I'm not deleting. Sorry. :)

4. Going to the beach.
As my blog has been named Riding the Waves since I started it, and I've never had a house or apartment without at least one room dedicated to all my beach paraphernalia, I think you all know that, besides getting to be near my family again, this is the BEST part of my move. I LOVE THE EAST COAST!!!!! I'll post pictures soon of my adventures to Wilmington, NC (an awesome beach) and Virginia Beach where it's a 2-for-1, because I get to spend time with Jenna AND the ocean! I love this place...

I'm kinda tired of writing, and you're probably tired of reading, so I'll end the list there. More to come soon. Also, Ter, I need you to send me a random topic to blog about. Those always end up being the best ones. :)

I miss you, my Colorado friends who are reading this!



Terri said...

Yay for the new post! It's cool to be able to catch up with you in another way :) Keep posting pictures! Let's see. Random blog topic. How about the things you miss and don't miss about the office ;)

Melanie Knox Larson said...

We miss you too! (I still count as a Colorado friend, I think.)

AND, "y'all" is SO a word. It's a contraction of "you" and "all." And if you do use it, you'd better put that apostrophe in the right place. They're not just for decoration; they are IMPORTANT GRAMMAR FUNCTIONS. :)

Ok, I'm a dork. Duh.